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EVi is a highly successful electrical installation firm specializing in the automotive industry.  Our focus is in the electric vehicle market where we install chargers for cars like Tesla, BMW and Nissan.

We offer stability and long term employment opportunities for licensed electricians, and we are currently looking for new installers in your area.  You should easily earn upward of $80,000 every year being part of our team.  As a bonus we reward the best performing individuals who are most responsible for the company’s success in your area. 

The EV market is the fastest growing sector in global transportation, it has even been suggested that EV’s will dominate the new car market by 2025, eventually making gasoline vehicles a thing of the past. 

We are at the forefront of EV installation companies, offering flexible service and availability to our customers.  As the EV installation market evolves there will be more and more people and businesses needing EV power at home and at work, and we need to keep growing with that demand.  

Becoming a part of our team is essential to our success in your area.  We will always provide you with the best resources, tools, communication, and installation bookings, securing your success as an integral part of the EVi crew.

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